Monday, June 11, 2012

Kindergarten Grad Buddy/Keepsake!

I was so sad to see my class go this year {and every year}, but I am excited that I have a little free time to work on new and exciting projects for NeXt YeAr!!  As a gift to the wonderful kiddos, they created these graduation buddies and glued them to an oatmeal container.   Inside the container, I put the DVD that I create filled with pictures and videos from the year.  This space could be used as a keepsake for the diploma and other items.  On the back of the container it had a title saying "My Friends", and during the graduation party the students could get each others autographs. They looked adorable around the table waiting for our presence after the graduation ceremony.  This idea is a take off of what our art teacher did.  She was wonderful at taking pictures and printing enlarged photos of the students.  Instead of the paper head and cap, she took an enlarged picture of the student's face and cap and glued it on the body.  Either way they turned out soooo cute!!! 

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