Thursday, May 16, 2013

AcTiVe LeArNiNg with MoNkEyS aNd BaBoOnS!


I would like to share a game I have created to incorporate active learning in these last few weeks of school and practice adding and subtracting fluently.  FYI- Studies show brain function is higher when a child is physically engaged in an activity.  The game is title MONKEYS AND BABOONS!  Materials needed are 7-10 handkerchiefs, index cards, safety pins, and an area to run.  Write addition and subtraction problems on index cards (adapt for sight words, letters, numbers, etc.) and attach them to the handkerchiefs with a safety pin.  Students who are chosen to be monkeys will add the "tail" by stuffing part of the hanky in their back pocket.  The baboons want to try to grab a monkey tail.  I set up cones to create boundaries and when the monkeys are set the baboons start chasing them.  When a baboon grabs a tail, they yell out the addition or subtraction problem with the answer and they get to the count of 5 to attach their tail.  I pause the game after a few minutes and switch roles if someone has not had a chance to be a monkey.  The kiddos LOVE this game and it lets them release some of that extra energy!! If only I could find a way to bottle that energy :)

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