Friday, October 25, 2013

ScreenChomp and Rhyming Dust Bunnies

My new favorite app is ScreenChomp!!! As part of guided reading, I did a small group activity to help kids say and hear rhyming words.  I read the story Rhyming Dust Bunny by Jan Thomas.  We created an anchor chart for rhyming words and had to discuss what a dust bunny was before we read.  After we read the story, the students created a dust bunny on the i-pad with ScreenChomp.  Then they picked a picture out of the rhyming bag.  They drew that picture and another picture that rhymes.  I found it helped if the students said rhyming words into a whisper phone.  When they were finished, they recorded their rhyming words.  These were posted on their KidBlog to share with their families and they love listening to them during choice time.  Here is an example below.

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