Wednesday, December 7, 2011


If I had a dime for everytime an employee at the Dollar Store looked at me funny, I would be rich!!  I was so excited about this $1 buy.  Yes, it was Fingasaurs (and I am pretty sure I shouted it out when I saw them)!!  I have some boys that love dinosaurs, but do not care for reading.  When I saw the dinosaur finger pointers, I knew I had to buy them.  The results...the boys LOVE them!
We read an emergent reader about dinosaurs and added some of our own describing words during our guided reading time!  They helped with one-to-one correspondence and word recognition!!  My heart broke when one of the boys asked if they could keep them and I had to say no!  However, we did end up making our own dinosaur pointers.

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  1. I've got to get me some of those! Thanks for following my blog and helping me get to 100. I am now following you.
    2B Honey Bunch