Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kindergarten Preview Night - Preschool Pigeon Party!

We are trying to increase enrollment for kindergarten next year, and my principal asked me what I thought we could do.  At that time, I was starting an author study on Mo Willems with my current students, and I thought of having a Preschool Pigeon Party to invite preschool families to check out kindergarten and kindergarten literacy.  I had a literacy board set up as families entered and could see the process and some activities used to promote literacy.  With the help of the first grade teacher and the preschool teacher, we came up with some fun stations for the  Pigeon Party. 

Prior to the party, the preschoolers came to kindergarten and created a pigeon hat with the current kindergarteners and heard some pigeon stories written by Mo Willems!
Here are some pictures of the stations!
Exploration Station!

Game Station!  The children could pick a game piece and try to help the Pigeon find the hot dog.  They also could read a story that the kindergartners wrote about what the pigeon would top his hot dog with.

Cooking Station!  The children followed step by step directions to create a Pigeon cookie.

Writing Station!  I think the Pigeon wants a ... (girlfriend)haha
Along with the stations, I had a video about Kindergarten and my web page slideshow playing.  During our author study, the kids made pigeon blabbers and those were playing on our classroom computers.  The kids drew their own picture of the pigeon and we loaded them on to blabberize.com and the kids became the voice and tried to persuade the audience to let them drive a form of transportation.  They were hilarious!
Overall, I thought the night was a SUCCESS!


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